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Ready to try compounded semaglutide/B12?

Updated: Jun 23, 2023

At S&S MedSpa we understand that obesity and weight loss are not just about lack of willpower. Weight gain as we age has multiple factors that include both mental and physical causes that dieting and exercising alone may not be able to correct. We want you to lose weight in a healthy, sustainable way. This is why as Registered and Board Certified Nurse Practitioners we have chosen compounded semaglutide/B12 to help address both the physical and mental barriers to weight loss!

Why do we gain weight as we age?

Over time for various reasons food metabolism can become sluggish. Our bodies ability to manage blood sugar and insulin can become impaired due to issues with chronic medical conditions, medications, hormone changes, stress, poor sleep, genetics and lifestyle factors.

Managing blood glucose levels is important (even if you aren’t a diabetic). When there is consistently too much sugar (or glucose) in the blood, the pancreas produces more and more insulin to try to break it down. Unfortunately, this eventually causes the bodies cells to become unresponsive and lazy to insulin. This is known as insulin resistance.

If this glucose isn’t used immediately, it is stored in your liver and muscles as glycogen. Your liver and muscles have limited space for that storage. When there is excess glucose that can no longer be stored as glycogen, the body stores it in fat cells as triglycerides! Consequently, your body starts to hold onto more fat, which causes weight gain especially around the abdomen.

What is compounded semaglutide/B12?

Compounded semaglutide/B12 is made to mimic the health-promoting, naturally occurring peptide in the body called glucagon-like peptide type 1 (GLP-1). When we eat food this peptide is released into our small intestine to help activate metabolic pathways in the body to increase blood sugar metabolism with insulin and glucagon. GLP-1 also has receptors in the brain that signal to the body it has been fed and can stop eating.

How does Compounded semaglutide/B12 help with the physical side of weight loss?

Compounded semaglutide/B12 reduces your appetite, increases satiety, and helps regulate your blood sugar levels. In other words, weight loss happens by reducing hunger and by helping you feel fuller faster when you eat. By regulating your blood sugar levels, it also helps your body burn glycogen and triglyceride reserves. Semaglutide increases the amount of fat your body burns for energy in turn preserving lean muscle mass. Again, fat is lost, not just water weight. Combine it with a healthy balanced change in diet, exercise, quality sleep, and stress management your weight loss potential is significantly improved.

How does compounded semaglutide/B12 help with the mental side of weight loss?

Compounded semaglutide/B12 activates parts of the brain that control satiety (‘fullness’) and food intake. A Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine research study in 2015 reported that semaglutide improves the connections between the hindbrain and parts of the hypothalamus that control the motivation to eat and the feeling of reward in general. This causes an increase in feeling fuller faster, which also leads to less food and smaller portion sizes. In 2020 a journal by the American Society for Clinical Investigation showed that semaglutide also helps with weight loss by affecting secondary brain areas involved in energy metabolism.

How does the program work?

Schedule a time for a free consultation. We will discuss current barriers to weight loss so we can understand your specific journey and how we can best support you! Vital signs will be taken, a physical exam will be completed, height and weight are needed, and we will also take measurements of certain areas of the body. We will also require lab work to be completed within the last three months including but not limited to CBC, BMP, TSH, and lipid panel. This can be obtained by your primary care provider, or we can assist you in having labs drawn. We do require that you are under the care of a primary care provider prior to starting our program should you have any abnormal labs that need addressed before beginning. Once your labs and medical history are reviewed and it is determined that you do not have any contraindications for our program, we can begin your tailored treatment plan!

This medication is given by subcutaneous (fat layer) injection in the abdomen, thigh or the back of your arm, and we will show you how to do this simple injection! (Or teach a friend or loved one to administer to you if needed!) The consult will also ensure there are no contraindications for you starting this medication.

We do not bill through insurance, therefore you will pay S&S MedSpa for your prescription each month. Our program is $350 each month, or $600 for a married couple; the amount will be automatically withdrawn from your account each month. Each month you will also be asked to fill out a survey including your current dose, any side effects you may be experiencing, your weight and measurements and how the medication is working for you. A prescription will be sent after your survey is reviewed and you are approved for a refill.

How long before I start seeing results?

Compounded semaglutide/B12 is a long-acting medication, meaning that it will accumulate in your bloodstream which will lead to a therapeutic dose over time, but not immediately. A fraction of semaglutide is released into your bloodstream right away after the injection and the remaining amounts are released slowly over the course of the day. This means your blood sugar levels will be regulated almost all day, allowing you to curb hunger longer and avoid the desire to snack! As a long-acting medication, semaglutide takes a minimum of 8 weeks for its full therapeutic effects to take place. We can expect a 1-3 lb weight loss weekly for patients. This amount will all depend on the amount of weight one needs to lose and if they are incorporating other lifestyle measures.

Once I stop the medication does the weight come right back?

We want slow and steady weight loss, no overnight gimmicks. The slower and more gradual the weight loss the better the body and brain adjusts to its new weight. We all know that number on the scale that never moves. Our body considers that its “comfortable” weight and does everything to keep you at that number. If weight loss is fast and quick, your body and brain still remember that original number and will always go back to it. With gradual consistent weight loss your body and brain start adjusting to the new numbers on the scale and forget all about that “comfortable” number. This is how sustainable weight loss is acquired.

Besides weight loss can compounded semaglutide/B12 be good for anything else?

Compounded semaglutide/B12 is also great for other health concerns besides weight loss. Other possible benefits of these injections include the following:

  • Lowering high blood pressure

  • Lowering cholesterol levels

  • Reducing the risk of heart or blood vessel disease

  • Reduced risk of heart attack

  • Reduced risk of kidney disease

Are there any side effects?

The common side effects of Compounded semaglutide/B12 are mainly gastrointestinal related because you will digest food slowly. You may experience:

  • Nausea

  • Vomiting

  • Diarrhea

  • Stomach pain

  • Constipation

How do I get the medication?

If you are a candidate for the program you will be prescribed the medication and supplies will be delivered to your home! We work with a well established pharmacy that is under the oversight of the FDA and that is required to meet the Board of Pharmacy Rules and Regulations. It has been in business for over 20 years and is required to meet safety standards every 6 months. This pharmacy compounds our semaglutide with added Vitamin B12! You know at S&S MedSpa we love our vitamins! This is an extra bonus for energy and mood support.

The greatest weight loss benefits were observed when used in combination with Vitamin B12. Lipotropic injections (Skinny Shots) along with lifestyle changes also showed improved weight loss than the medication alone.

I have the medication and supplies, now what?

Compounded semaglutide/B12 injections are kept in the refrigerator and can only be given once a week! Pick a day of the week and stick to it! Because this is not a stimulant medication you are able to take your medication in the evening or before bed if you wish.

You will be prescribed a low starting dose for the first 4 weeks. Starting at a lower dose helps your body adjust to the treatment and lowers the chance that you will experience any strong side effects. Each month the medication can be increased in its strength. However, if a patient is having good results with a lower dose it is acceptable to stay with the lower amount. If a patient is having side effects and is on a “higher” dose we will decrease the amount back down. Each person is unique in their needs and this is not a “one size fits all” program.

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